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Advice from a 2014, Florida Baseball Recruit Headed to an In-State Junior College

Trevor McKenna just finished his recruiting process recently after committing to Lake-Sumter State College in Leesburg, Florida to play college baseball. He is a left-handed pitcher who competed with a good travel team, Gatorball, out of Jacksonville and he has some recommendations for future recruits:

How did NCSA help you during this process?

The NCSA helped me right from the beginning interview where it was made very clear to me that my path to playing college baseball was up to me. The webinars were very informative and allowed me to know what to expect and how to communicate well with college coaches and recruiting coordinators. The NCSA staff was always there for me and always got back to me in a timely fashion with all the answers to my questions. The NCSA evaluation and matching process allowed me to focus on schools that were the right fit for me and ultimately led to my commitment to a JUCO school. My expectations were high but reality defined the direction I chose to take.

How did you handle all the college camp and baseball showcase invites that you received?

I came to the conclusion early in the process that I would concentrate on the showcases that would limit the number of players to 40 or 50. I also made a decision that I was determined to stay in Florida and play (JUCO) college ball and work hard to reach my goal of playing at a higher level come my junior year. I also played for the Gatorball Training Academy out of Gainesville Florida this fall and their schedule had me pitching against JUCO schools. It was at one of these games (JUCO Showcase Lakeland Florida) that LSSC initially saw me pitch. Ultimately it was at LSSC’s showcase (40 players invited) that I was offered the full ride scholarship. I really never attended any of the big camps or showcases for this reason.

With all the good baseball players and limited number of roster spots in the Florida, do you have any advice for other baseball recruits that play in such a competitive state?

The NCSA always stresses that a player be realistic when it comes to level of ability and future potential. I came to that decision early in the process that JUCO would be the best fit for me at this time. I made a point to put myself in a position to be seen by JUCO coaches in Florida by joining a travel ball team (Gatorball Training Academy) that focused on playing games against JUCO schools. I attended Florida JUCO showcases and contacted Florida JUCO coaches through the NCSA website. My advice would be to be realistic and focus on that level of baseball 100%.

It will be great to continue to help Trevor where needed while he attends LSSC and we wish him the best. Enjoy senior year, Trevor!

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