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Devon Walker- A True Athleader

Everyone knows that athletics can be dangerous, but it’s not often that people think that it could happen to them. Devon Walker- started as a walk on for the Tulane football team and eventually worked his way up to becoming a scholarship athlete, and the team captain. On a tragic September day Devons life changed forever, a seemingly regular tackle turned tragic when one of his teammates collided with him. The collision caused a break in his neck and his blood pressure quickly plummeted- causing him to lose a pulse. The medical staff began preforming CPR and once they were able to get him breathing again, an ambulance rushed him to a Tulsa hospital. Now Devon is on a journey that is truly inspirational and NCSA could not be more impressed with is great attitude. Devon embraces all the qualities of an Athleader and we wish him all the luck in the world! Check out the amazing story ESPN did on Devon below!

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