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If you’re looking to get recruited and compete at the college level, then you most likely understand that it won’t happen without some work. Not only are you working on improving at your sport or in the classroom, but you also have to work to become a better recruit!

In order to do this and gain one of the few college roster spots available, you should think about the classes you are taking outside of high school that will help you improve your recruiting knowledge and help you prepare for your standardized tests.

First off, let’s talk about some recruiting classes and webinars that can help you.

On the NCSA Athletic Recruiting website, there is a list of upcoming free webinars that student-athletes can sign up for and attend. Some classes are sport specific, but many provide information for any athlete in any sport. Check out the class schedule at:

If you have a free NCSA athletic profile (if you don’t, click here now to start one!), you also have access to some free webinars hosted by our recruiting experts and recruiting coaches. Verified members of NCSA also have access to our full class schedule which provides several classes every night of the week on a wide range of topics that can be sport specific or general information for any athlete.

Example of free classes offered by NCSA:

Are you a D1 football player & a possible NFL prospect?

DIII Schools

What camps should I attend?

Creating Opportunities & increasing Viewership

Examples of classes offered for verified members of NCSA:

Live Q&A with NCSA Video Expert – to ask questions about creating your highlight/skills video

Coach Communications – teaches you how to communicate with college coaches

Visits – how to set up visits and what to do on your visit

Emailing Coaches the Right Way

Gauging Coach Interest

Financial Aid 101

Second, let’s talk about some classes that will help you prepare for the standardized tests (ACT and SAT).

Kaplan test prep is a great resource and is the industry leader in standardized test prep. They are considered the best “Education Network” in the world. NCSA Athletic Recruiting has partnered with Kaplan to provide some of their members with free access to Kaplan courses.

According to research done by NCSA Athletic Recruiting, student-athletes who took the Kaplan ACT on Demand course were 62% more likely to increase their ACT score. Also, 71% of students who took the SAT on Demand course through Kaplan increased their SAT score the second time around.

If you would like more information about Kaplan and the SAT or ACT test prep courses, click on the links below.

SAT On Demand:

ACT On Demand:

Now, if you’re thinking that this blog didn’t stick true to its title as you don’t really WANT to take any of these classes, then maybe you aren’t as serious about being recruited as you thought. On the other hand, if you read this blog and are already researching how to attend any of the classes above, then you’re a serious recruit and you’re already a step ahead of your competition. Call NCSA Athletic Recruiting today at 866-495-7727 or click here to start your athletic profile now to get verified and start connecting with college coaches.

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