Taking Advantage of Winter Break Part 1


Aside from the standard holiday traditions of parties, presents and spending quality time with family, this time of year also represents a valuable period for serious prospects around the country.  One of the main reasons that recruits fall behind in recruiting is because they are so busy!  Between academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, many recruits simply do not have a lot of time to dedicate toward the hours of work it takes to successfully execute a recruiting game plan.

The good news?

The holiday season also means that most student-athletes receive a break from school.  While many recruits around the country will spend their free time playing video games, shopping or watching movies, we want to make sure our community takes advantage of their new found freedom.

Below are specific tips for recruits in each class that you can use this holiday season to get ahead of your competition.  Each step should take no more than 20 minutes and it might change the rest of your life!


This is crunch time!  You are in the fourth quarter of the recruiting process and time is running out.  Many colleges have completed their recruiting for the class of 2014.  If you are still looking for opportunities, some coaches are looking, but you need to take action now.

What can you do?

Sit down and evaluate your current recruiting situation.  Make a list of your top 5 choices.  Next to each school, rank how seriously each coaching staff is recruiting you.  If you have yet to visit the school (and are not planning to) or you have not had a phone call with the staff, then you need to seriously consider how interested the schools is.  If you realize your Top 5 might be unrealistic, start looking at new options and opening up your search.


With the recruiting class of 2014 winding down, the attention of college coaches around the country is quickly turning to YOU.  Top DI universities have already extended offers to many 2015 grads which should give you an idea of how quickly the process is moving.

What can you do?

All juniors have been able to receive official recruiting letters since September 1st.  Spend 20 minutes and write down a list of all the schools that you have received recruiting letters from.  Next to each school, write “yes” or “no” based on whether or not you have since followed up with that coach via email or phone call.  For the schools with a “no” next to it, take 10 minutes and email the coaching staff to keep your options open.  For all the schools with a “yes” next to it, send another email if you haven’t heard from the staff since your last communication.  Relationships are key…build them!

If you have not received any letters, you really need to take action.  Call 866-579-6272 to discuss your options with our Recruiting Team.  For most sports your first phone call is right around the corner.


The Sophomore class might be reaching the most critical time in their recruiting process….and most do not realize it!  September 1st should be circled in the calendar of every sophomore around the country.  Every recruiting action you take should be done with September 1st in mind as that is the first day you can receive recruiting letters from college coaches.  The work you put in between now and then will dictate how many letters you receive!

What can you do?

Get on the recruiting list of as many coaches as possible.  Make sure your NCSA recruiting profile is updated in the network so coaches have accurate information.   Also, make sure you have received an objective recruiting analysis so you can establish a game plan.  To schedule your free analysis with the NCSA Team, call 866-579-6272.


Every freshmen needs to get educated about the process.  How many freshmen understand recruiting and have taken proactive steps to get ahead?  Not many.  Hopefully our network is using our weekly advice and winning the recruiting race.

What can you do?

Read the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete.  It has information about important recruiting dates and most importantly it contains critical core course requirements that impact your eligibility to play at the next level. 

Want to get recruited? Talk to our team of recruiting experts about what you can do to improve your chances and find the right athletic and academic fit for you. Click here! 

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