Taking Advantage of Winter Break – Part 2

Aside from the standard holiday traditions of parties, presents and spending quality time with family, this time of year also represents a valuable period for serious prospects around the country.  One of the main reasons that recruits fall behind in recruiting is because they are so busy!  Between academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, many recruits simply do not have a lot of time to dedicate toward the hours of work it takes to successfully execute a recruiting game plan.

The good news?

The holiday season also means that most student-athletes receive a break from school.  While many recruits around the country will spend their free time playing video games, shopping or watching movies, we want to make sure our community takes advantage of their new found freedom.

Below are specific tips for recruits in each class that you can use this holiday season to get ahead of your competition.  Each step should take no more than 20 minutes and it might change the rest of your life!



This is crunch time!  You are in the fourth quarter of the recruiting process and time is running out.  Many colleges have completed their recruiting for the class of 2014.  If you are still looking for opportunities, some coaches are looking, but you need to take action now.

What can you do?

How many college coaches have seen your most recent video footage?  What sort of feedback have you received about your highlight / skills video or full game footage?  If you have not received any feedback, you really need to get this in the hands of college coaches.  If you have already sent out your recent footage but not yet heard back, reach out to those coaches through email and phone.  If you have received feedback, but still do not know how serious the coaches are about recruiting you, follow up with them and find out!


With the recruiting class of 2014 winding down, the attention of college coaches around the country is quickly turning to YOU.  Top DI universities have already extended offers to many 2015 grads which should give you an idea of how quickly the process is moving.

What Can you do?

How many college coaches have seen you play?  Most juniors wait around for coaches to come out to their games, tournaments or showcases.  Unfortunately, college coaches do the majority of their evaluations online from trusted sources or through requested DVDs.   Don’t fall into this trap!

Many juniors who have varsity experience have sent their highlight or skills video to college coaches and are in the process of receiving feedback.  If have not done this, spend 20 minutes putting together a game plan on your next step. If you have yet to receive varsity playing time, this would be a great time to make sure you know what coaches are looking for in a video so you can prepare for your time when it comes.


The Sophomore class might be reaching the most critical time in their recruiting process….and most do not realize it!  September 1st should be circled in the calendar of every sophomore around the country.  Every recruiting action you take should be done with September 1st in mind as that is the first day you can receive recruiting letters from college coaches.  The work you put in between now and then will dictate how many letters you receive!

What can you do?

Once you have received a Recruiting Evaluation to learn what steps you can take to maximize the athletic scholarship process, begin building your list of 50-100 potential colleges you can target.  A great place to start would be the NCSA College Search Map which is a tool available to all athletes.  You can select any state in the country and find the colleges that offer your sport and gain access to critical information about that school.  In order to check out the college search map, log in here and click on the “college search map” icon in the middle of the page


Every freshmen needs to get educated about the process.  How many freshmen understand recruiting and have taken proactive steps to get ahead?  Not many.  Hopefully our network is using our weekly advice and winning the recruiting race.

What can you do?

Start managing your recruiting today.  This might take more than 20 minutes, but by simply starting will be ahead of most athletes your age.

Want to get recruited? Talk to our team of recruiting experts about what you can do to improve your chances and find the right athletic and academic fit for you. Click here! 

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