Taking Advantage of Winter Break – Part 3


Aside from the standard holiday traditions of parties, presents and spending quality time with family, this time of year also represents a valuable period for serious prospects around the country.  One of the main reasons that recruits fall behind in recruiting is because they are so busy!  Between academics, athletics and extracurricular activities, many recruits simply do not have a lot of time to dedicate toward the hours of work it takes to successfully execute a recruiting game plan.

The good news?

The holiday season also means that most student-athletes receive a break from school.  While many recruits around the country will spend their free time playing video games, shopping or watching movies, we want to make sure our community takes advantage of their new found freedom.

Below are specific tips for recruits in each class that you can use this holiday season to get ahead of your competition.  Each step should take no more than 20 minutes and it might change the rest of your life!


What can you do?

Have you narrowed your recruiting list down to your Top 5-10 schools?  This is the time to do it, signing day is right around the corner and you want to be prepared with your decision


What Can you do?

How many college coaches have you talked to on the phone?  Most of you probably did not realize you have been able to make phone calls to college coaches since…forever!  Phone calls are an important step in building a relationship with a college coach and practice makes perfect.  Although the college coach might not be able to call you back, try making a phone call or two.  Even leaving a message will be good practice.  Next week we will give some tips for “best practices” when it comes to phone calls with college coaches.


What can you do?

Now that you have started building your list of 50-100 target schools, it is important to make sure you get on the “recruiting lists” of those schools.  If you have varsity experience, put together an email that includes a link, to your updated NCSA Recruiting Profile to start developing a relationship with that school.

If you do not have varsity experience, we encourage you to visit the schools website and begin filling out questionnaires to get your name in their database and on potentially on their mailing list.

In order to update your Recruiting Profile, login here. (EVERYONE should have an updated Recruiting Profile for college coaches.)


What can you do?

For starters, continue to read Athletes Wanted.  Also continue to learn as much as possible in our Athlete Scholarship zone here! 

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