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What’s a Scholarship Worth?

It’s really hard to measure the value of an athletic scholarship. Sure, you can figure in the cost of tuition, room and board and books. But what about the intangibles? Do players at big-time programs benefit even more than getting a college degree? A fascinating article in the Huffington Post set out to find out exactly how scholarships translate in the real world. The article tried to track down 90 football players who were seniors at four colleges (Michigan, Auburn, Akron and Wake Forest) in 1988 in an attempt to find out what each one of them is doing now.

Huffington Post found 23 of the former athletes, and discovered that the majority of them have done pretty well for themselves. Most of the former student-athletes found plenty of value in their college experience and seem to have benefitted from the lessons learned as an NCAA Division I football player.

Every sport is different, but college athletes in any sport develop similar life skills. This is just one example of how important those skills can be.

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Aaron Sorenson