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Football Seniors – Steps to Take Before Signing Day


With all the talk about the Early Signing Period for basketball athletes this week, do you know when your own signing period is scheduled? Are you getting ready to sign your National Letter of Intent?

The Regular Signing Period for football recruits is February 5 through April 1, 2014. Senior football players who have made verbal commitments to a college or university will be signing their National Letter of Intent (NLI) during this time, committing to attend that school for at least one academic year.

Getting ready for signing day can be a very exciting time for high school student-athletes who have many offers and are working on making their final decision. Many of the articles I have read about football signing day 2014 talk about the top recruits who are sure to go to the top 25 teams. But, what about everyone else? This time is just as exciting for the recruits who know they won’t be signed by Nick Saban or get to be called an LSU Tiger.

So, if you happen to not be on the list of top 100 recruits in the country, what should you be doing in recruiting to set yourself up for success so that you’re signing a NLI along with the rest of your teammates?

Seniors, at this point in recruiting, you should be reaching out to at least 50 college coaches a year. Remember, it’s important to play the numbers game in recruiting. Think of it this way:

  • For every 100 programs you research – you might find 50 that fit you and you like.
  • For every 50 coaches you see fit and reach out to – 20 may respond to you.
  • For every 20 coaches that respond to you – 10 may be very interested and invite you to visit.
  • For every 10 Visits – you may receive 5 Official Visit invites.
  • For every 5 Official Visit invites – you may receive 2-3 offers.

And hopefully, some of those offers will include scholarship money. With that said, think of this as well…the more college coaches you contact, the more who will be interested in recruiting you and will offer you scholarship money. With multiple offers on the table, you can use those offers to leverage more scholarship money from your top school.

Athletically, be sure you have at least one full game film available for college coaches as well as a brief 2-5 minute highlight film showcasing your best plays from past seasons. Academically, think about re-taking your ACT and/or SAT to try for a better score which will make you more appealing to college coaches. And remember, even if you get a worse score, you only have to report your top score to coaches.

Once your season is over, think about taking some unofficial visits to college campuses that you are interested in attending next year, or that are interested in recruiting you. Get a feel for the school, talk to some of the current players and try to meet with the coaches.

If you haven’t been very proactive in the recruiting process so far, now is the time to get serious and get to work! You don’t want to fall behind your competition! Be sure that you’re doing everything you need to in order to set yourself up for success and ensure you’re signing a NLI come February. If you think you’re behind and need help catching up, contact NCSA Athletic Recruiting today to get the assistance you and your family needs by calling 866-495-7727. Also, start filling out your free athletic recruiting profile now so you can use it to communicate with college coaches.

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