Athletic Recruiting

Elite Recruits are Ready

Being a recruit in any college sport means plenty of preparation. You have to be ready to navigate through the difficult recruiting process. You have to be ready to show your highlight videos and current academic and athletic profile to college coaches. And once you attain your goal of being on a college roster, you certainly have to be ready to play at the next level.

An insightful article by Sport Illustrated’s Steward Mandel  shows that elite football players are becoming more and more ready to showcase their skills on the big stage as freshmen.

The most amazing stat that Mandel cites in his article is the fact that 11 of the top-25 recruits from last year started in 2013 as freshmen. And only four, that’s right just four, redshirted. Those are pretty astonishing numbers and they show that improving and constantly working on your game are a huge part of the recruiting process. It really is essential to keep getting better, because it certainly appears that everyone else is.

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Aaron Sorenson