FiveStar Basketball gives Tips on What to Talk To Your Coach About


With the High School Basketball season coming to a close, here are five things to discuss with your coach about your off season.

1. What does your coach think you need to work on during the off-season? What do they envision your role being on next year’s team? Is there another area of your game the coach would like to see you develop?

2. Is your coach running any spring or summer leagues.  Be sure to stay active in basketball. See if there are any spring or summer leagues in your town. Also, see if you can find an AAU team to play on in order to play against some of the best competition.

3. Ask your coach when the weight room will be available?  Make a schedule with your teammates to stay in shape and get ready for next season.

4. Check with your coach to see if any colleges have shown interest in you yet. If you are not getting any or enough exposure CLICK HERE to start building an athletic profile in the NCSA Network with all of your basketball accomplishments. (You will need to speak to an NCSA Basketball scout to have your information verified eventually.)

5.  See if your coach has some film either on yourself, or on a player you aspire to be, watch it while looking for the positives and negatives. Then work on turning weaknesses into strengths.


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