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Your Four-Year College Journey: How Much do You Know About Making the Right Decision?

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Imagine buying an expensive plane ticket and then boarding your plane, having no idea how long the ride is, or where you will land.  Sounds foolish, but every year over 3 million high school seniors will begin a very expensive plane ride, intended to last four years.  Yet most of them have no idea what their end destination will be.

Yes, we’re talking about college.  And although those four (or five or six) years can be a fun time of self-discovery, many graduates end the process with some amount of regret.   They are staggered by the amount of loans they have to pay off, and struggle to find a job they can get excited about.

Maybe it’s time to start thinking more about the destination.  Just like athletes who constantly train and practice to meet their goals, students who understand their destination will be more motivated in college.  They will be able to choose a major that is a good fit for them, get excited about their studies, and graduate with a better idea of what their future will look like.

There is evidence to show that students who choose a major that is a good fit for them are more likely to do well in college.  A recent study by ACT reported that:

“…students engaged in good-fit majors are more likely to stay in college, stay in their major, and finish sooner.”

That’s why NCSA has partnered with College Factual to help students gain a better understanding of their strengths and best-fit majors.  College Factual operates by this principal: If we know where we are going, we’ll be more excited about getting there, and will do a better job making decisions.  They’ve built lots of tools to help you form a solid college game plan, and have tons of facts and data to help you make a good decision.

So, how much do you know about college decisions? Take this four question quiz to learn some interesting facts that might have a big impact on the way you choose a college.

(1) What college came out top ranked for men’s division I soccer that also has the highest paid graduates?

A. Duke University

B. University of Notre Dame

C. University of California-Berkeley

(2) What are the top three majors that Barack Obama should consider today to leverage his strengths if he was just starting college?

A. Computer Science, Accounting, Criminology

B. Psychology, Social Work, Theater Arts

C. Law, Planning and Corporate Strategy, Liberal and Fine Arts

(3) What percentage of students change majors at least once after entering college?

  1. 23%
  2. 45%
  3. 76%

(4) What is the average cost of changing college majors?

A. $45,000

B. $21,750

C. $15,500


Did you keep track of your answers? Click here to see if you were right…


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