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Top 5 Celebrity Sports Frontrunners

By Dan Green

Saying Drake was your inspiration for anything sounds like a joke right? Well last night during the NCAA Men’s Final, I saw him wearing a University of Kentucky jacket looked dejected with “his cats” lost. Why wouldn’t he be? Drake has “always been a Kentucky Wildcats fan”

His sad photo was all over social media. One of my friends posted to social media “What are the chances that Drake is in the Uconn room after they cut down the nets and claims he’s always been a Huskies fan?” Like front-runnier clockwork this photo of Drizzy celebrating with his huskies appears on social media moments after UConn cuts down the nets.

So although it sounds impossible but Drake’s front-running inspired me to write the list of Top Celebrity Sports Front Runners

5. John Cusack: Cusack played a member of the White Sox (George Weaver) in the 1988 film Eight Men Out. John is a widely known supporter of the Chicago Cubs. Back in 2005 the White Sox were on a historic run ending the World Series drought in Chicago. Just 2 years prior the Cubs were a mere 5 outs from winning their first pennant in a million years and Chicago celebrities including Cusack were coming out of the woodwork to pledge their allegiance to the Cubs. Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf did not forget seeing all the Chicago front-runners on the North-Side. Knowing you cannot be a fan of both teams and call yourself a baseball fan Reinsdorf and the Sox said “NO THANKS” to Cusack and Co. crashing their World Series Party.

4. Lil Wayne: Don’t think Weezy is a front-runner? In 2011 he freely admitted he is a LA Lakers fan, A Boston Red Sox fan, A Green Bay Packers fan, LSU and UNC, Washington Capitals and of course Manchester United. Most of us formed our sports allegiances during our impressionable years. Looking at his team selections you would have NO IDEA that he grew up in New Orleans because he doesn’t rep his city. When the Saints are back on top and go marching in I would bet dollars to donuts Wayne temporarily forgets about his devout allegiance to Green Bay and latches on to Drew Brees.

drake3. Drake: My inspiration for this article…my muse. I was worried that I was not going to find enough evidence of Drake’s front-running when I placed him as the number 3 front-runner. Lucky for me, all you have to do is google the words “DRAKE and FRONTRUNNER” and you will be provided will a plethora of articles memes and other content about his every shifting sports allegiances. Drake grew up in Canada where there is no serious college basketball. I guess it was by dumb luck that he happened to enlist fandom for a team that will be getting 5 of the top 20 recruits nationally for the next decade. Like most of you I would love to see Drake wearing Kentucky gear prior to Coach Cal’s hire. He probably doesn’t even know the long line of great NBA players Kentucky has churned out. Don’t believe me? See what SB Nation thinks

JB12. Justin Bieber: Maybe there is something about being a Canadian teen celebrity that makes you change your sports allegiances as haphazardly as I change my socks. He wore a SF Giants Cap with a Texas Rangers jacket during the 2010 World Series so he has all of his bases covered. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last year and Bieber was right attaching himself to the Hawks success. He posed with the Cup and even stood on the hallowed Chicago Blackhawks emblem in their locker room upsetting millions. Bieber has been seen sporting Laker gear when at an LA NBA game and Miami Heat gear the next night. Justin can be seen wearing his all of his favorite hockey teams (Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Philly and LA).

1. Lebron James: How much more could you turn your back on your home state? You hold an hour long special to rip away what hope there was for Ohio Sports and you cheer for ZERO of their local teams. Lebron grew up in a middle class house in Ohio. Anyone who has spent any time in Ohio would tell you their fans couldn’t be more passionate about their home teams even in the face of constant adversity (Cleveland Browns and Cavs). Browns fans never waiver even when their team moved away. Fans so passionate that a new Cleveland Browns team was brought to replace the old.

In the 1990s Cleveland sports were far from dominant. James “the Self Chosen One” couldn’t attach himself to Ohio’s losing sports teams. What would people say if they saw him wearing a Browns coat? He widely admits his favorite teams growing up were the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees. Wow what luck? Lebron the teams you cheered for won just 11 titles in the 1990s! More than 1 per year!

The point of this article is anyone can hop from team to team as the wind blows. However if you remain loyal and don’t change teams, when your team actually does win the title it will mean a lot more than it did to Lebron, Drake, Weezy, Bieber and Cusack.

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