My Recruiting Experience

My Recruiting Experience with Bryan Archer

Bryan Archer Soccer MRE

My recruiting experience I would describe as a fun and interesting experience. We all know we want to play division 1 in college and make it to the pros, but it’s not that easy. You need to actually see the situation around you, your family situation, and more. I came 2 years ago to the U.S and I knew I wanted to use soccer as a way to get to college, that’s why I joined the NCSA right away. I can’t lie, I did get opportunities to play division 1 college soccer, but my main concern was the financial aid. Choosing a Division 3 over division 1,2 and NAIA was not an easy decision but i know it will be worth the sacrifice. When choosing a college you need to make sure it’s a college that could be close to home, a college that can make you feel like home, and a college that can provide you the help you need to succedd in college!. Joining the NCSA also helped me to think what I wanted to do with my life in the future, it also helped me to promote myself locally and internationally.

Bryan Archer MRE I got the opportunity to be on local TV and also on TV in Panama trying to explain what is like coming from a different country to this new world where you need to make the necessary decisions to shape your path and leave your mark in this world. All I can say to other athletes is to never give up, keep on contacting coaches, record your videos, stay healthy, and never let anyone bring you down.

Bryan Archer-Class of 2014

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