My Recruiting Experience

My Recruiting Experience with Conner Martinez

(Conner D.J. Martinez)

Back 2 years ago when I was asked if I thought I would be recruited to a college for football, I was really a little skeptical.

After joining NCSA, I have been recruited to Bethany College in West Virginia.

The NCSA site helped me by providing a place where I could promote myself and become recognized by coaches across the country.  It allowed me to do it all in one place which was so beneficial.  The sessions were a great benefit and the recruiting coaches were so knowledgeable.  Everyone that I spoke to or emailed at NCSA could answer any question I had and were always so great to work with.

My biggest obstacle was my hs junior video.  My mom’s video camera acted like it was filming but when we put it to DVD there was no sound and it hadn’t recorded right.  I thought without providing a good video, coaches could not see how I played and I was nervous.  The NCSA team was able to still put a usable highlight video on my profile with what we sent them.

My advice for new recruits is use every opportunity provided to you through the NCSA site and you will be successful!  Best of luck to all of you!!

I truly appreciate everything that EVERYONE at NCSA did to get me where I am now! I am a recruit!!

Thanks NCSA!!

Conner D.J. Martinez

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