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June Recruiting Tips

National Letter of Intent:

‘All Other Sports’ (besides football & basketball) are currently in the middle of the Signing Period and ends on August 1st.

Summer Preparation:

Juniors should be preparing college essays, essay topics and preparing to re-take the SAT/ACT if needed.


NCAA DII Legislative Changes – Effective June 15, 2014


DII Changes Regarding Official/Unofficial Visits – All Sports

– Camp or Clinic

o   If a student takes an official visit and also participates in a camp or clinic while at the school, the school can’t pay for their transportation costs.

– To/From Site of Competition

o   For an official visit, a school can provide transportation for an athlete to/from their athletics competition provided this doesn’t exceed the actual cost of transportation between sites.

– From Educational Institution

o   After an official visit, a school can provide transportation for an athlete to return to their legal residence if the athlete came from their school provided this doesn’t exceed the actual cost of returning to their school.

– First Opportunity to Visit

o   A school can’t cover an official visit until after June 15th junior year.

–          13.6.2: Requirements for Official Visit

o   A school can’t provide an official visit until the athlete:

  • REMOVED: Provides a score from a PSAT, SAT, ACT or PLAN test
  • UPDATED: Provides a current high school/prep school transcript (official or unofficial)
  • Registers with the NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Placed on the school’s institutional request list (IRL)

– Meals on Official Visit

o   On an official visit, a school can cover the meals for the prospective athlete and parents/guardians.

– Meals

o   On an unofficial visit, a school can cover one meal (on or off campus) for the prospective athlete and parents/guardians.

– Parking

o   On an unofficial visit, a school can’t arrange special on-campus parking.

DII Changes Regarding Recruiting – All Sports

– Conference Tournaments, NCAA Championships or Other Postseason Contests

o   A school can’t provide a prospective athlete complimentary or reduced-cost admission for a conference tournament, NCAA championship (all rounds) or other postseason contests as this is considered excessive entertainment.

DII Changes Regarding Tryouts – All Sports

– Tryouts

o   Beginning June 15 after junior year, a school can have a prospective athlete tryout on its campus or at their normal practice/game facility under the following conditions:

o   Only 1 tryout per athlete, per school and per sport is permitted

o   UPDATED: The tryout can be conducted for:

  • A high school/prep school prospective athlete outside their school’s traditional season in the sport (starts with first official team practice and sends with team’s final competition)
  • A two-year college student after the end of the sport season or anytime (provided the athlete has exhausted their two-year college eligibility in the sport)
  • A four-year college student after the conclusion of the sport season (provided written permission to contact the athlete has been obtained)

o   Before the tryout, the athlete is required to undergo a medical exam by a family/team physician. The exam will include a sickle cell solubility test unless prior results are provided to the school or the athlete declines and signs a written release. The exam must occur within 6 months before the tryout or an exam taken prior to practice, competition or off-season conditioning during junior or senior year that was accepted by the athlete’s school for their participation in athletics may be used to satisfy this requirement if taken during the academic year when the tryout is conducted.

o   The tryout may include tests to evaluate strength, speed, agility and sport skills. The tryout may include competition except in football, ice hockey, lacrosse and wrestling. In football, the athletes will not wear helmets/pads.

o   Competition against the school’s team is allowed provided is occurs during the school year and is considered a countable athletically related activity.

*For official legislative language please visit the NCAA Legislative Services Database:

LSDBi > Search > Legislation


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