Lisa Strasman

From the Desk of The President: Lisa Strasman on Making The Right College Choice

Families always ask me how to make the right college choice. Most NCSA athletes receive multiple offers and athletic scholarship opportunities, and it can be tough to decide where to spend the next four years. I’m always reminded of something the Princeton coach told me as we toured the campus during my official visit. He said, “Lisa–you’re being recruited by a lot of great schools. You will receive a fantastic education at any of them, have a great hockey career, and you will make life-long friends. Use your time on campus to just soak everything in. When you are at the right place, you will feel it.”

I didn’t have that feeling at Princeton, but when I visited Yale I knew I could make myself at home in New Haven. I never looked back. Flash forward 15+ years (yikes) and I know I was right.

Next Friday, several of my college friends will congregate in Chicago for my teammate Kate’s wedding. I am bursting with excitement to see them and spend a weekend reminiscing about the time we beat Princeton (sorry Coach Kampersal), all the times we didn’t beat anyone, our dilapidated apartment, and more. My college degree and varsity plaque hang on the wall, but the teammates I gained in college will be by my side forever.

Where you go to college is not a four-year decision. It’s a 40-year decision. Trust your gut and choose wisely.

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