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GETTING TO KNOW Dane Clark, NCSA Football Account Manager

Born: Burlington WI on September 2nd 1983. I lived in the same house my entire life, located in a little town called Silver Lake WI.

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan (I grew up watching sports in the 90’s, so what did you expect?)DanePicture2

Greatest Athletic Achievement: My entire high school football career.  I was a 4 year varsity starter and had the chance to play on the same side of the ball as my brother when I was a freshman and he was a senior. I finished my H.S. career never losing a regular season game. Along with many other honors, I was voted to the WI All-State Team and had a chance to play in the WI Shine Bowl (All-State Game). I don’t come from the most athletic family, so I credit all of this to the hard work I put in when others were “hanging out”.

Little Known Fact: I am OCD about brushing my teeth. It takes me around 10-12 minutes each morning. Yeah, it’s as annoying as it sounds, but for some reason I can’t stop. If I don’t get a good brush in that morning, I feel like my breath stinks and will limit my conversations that day.

College: THE Winona State University, Winona MN

Last Meal on Earth:

–          Main Course: My Dad’s marinated venison steak and lobster tail, cooked on the grill

–          Side #1: Asparagus, simmered in butter on the grill

–          Side #2: Butternut Squash, cooked with butter and brown sugar

–          Side #3: My Mom’s “Killer Cheese Bread” (she still won’t give up the recipe…)

–          Desert: S’more Galore Parfait from Dairy Queen

NCSA Career: I have been with NCSA for 4 years.  I started out as a Scout and was a top performer on the East Coast Team; I was then moved to the High School Department. From there, I was brought on to the Partner Programs team where I have been the last 2.5 years.

Earliest NCSA Memory: I joined the NCSA Team the summer of 2010.  2 weeks after I was hired, I found myself partying like a rock star on a yacht just off Navy Pier at our annual NCSA National Meeting (a company-wide meeting over the course of 3 days). Now, my memories from that night are a little blurry, but I do remember waking up in Taco Bell wrappers; knowing that I wanted to be a part of the NCSA Family after they made a 2 week rookie feel like a part of the team.

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