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Top 25 Best Sports Movies of All-Time

Hot temps and long practices call for a little R & R whenever time permits.  When the whistle blows at the end of your next two-a-day, find some buddies and air conditioning, and indulge in the Top 25 Best Sports Movies of All-Time, (according to ESPN’s expert panel of SportsNation users).

Trust us – you can’t go wrong:

1. Hoosiers
2. Raging Bull
3. Field of Dreams
4. Bull Durham
5. Caddyshack
6. The Natural
7. Chariots of Fire
8. Jerry Maguire
9. Seabiscuit
10. Remember the Titans
11. A League of Their Own
12. Eight Men Out
13. White Men Can”t Jump
14. Major League
15. Tin Cup
16. 61*
17. The Hurricane
18. The Color of Money
19. Finding Forrester
20. The Rookie
21. Ali
22. Bend it Like Beckham
23. Cobb
24. Rudy
25. Searching for Bobby Fischer


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