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College Football Uniforms of 2014


Athletic uniforms are not what they used to be. Between contracts with outfitters, new performance apparel technology, and progression in style, the look a college or university chooses to don truly sets the tone on game day for players and fans alike.

As the 2014 college football season draws nearer, what kind of Saturday swag will be taking the field?  Bryan Fischer of took a deep dive into game day looks, and compiled a pretty sweet “14 for ‘14” top looks this season.

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Miss st
Mississippi State

Anniversary Uniform

#13Standford U Stanford University

All-Black Uniform

#12U of Akron The University of Akron

All Gold Helmets with Engraved “Z”

#11NCST North Carolina State

“Pack in the Back” Helmet


“L.A. Midnight” Uniform

#9WIS University of Wisconsin

All-Red Uniform

#8u OF M University of Miami

“Mix-and-Match” Uniforms

#7byu BYU

Alternate Home Uniforms

#6FSUYD Florida State

Garnet Helmets

#5u OF ARK University of Arkansas

Secondary Logo

#4NTORE DAME University of Notre Dame

New Deal with

Under Armour

#3u OF WASH University of Washington

Nike Makeover

#2u OF OREGON University of Oregon

All-Around Flashy Looks

#1penn st Penn State

Classic Style


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