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NCAA settles in concussion lawsuit

–          The NCAA agreed to provide $70 million for concussion testing and diagnosis of current and former NCAA Student-athletes to settle current claims.

–          The settlement also includes educational initiatives as well as $5 million in concussion research

–          All current and former NCAA student-athletes in all sports and divisions ho competed at an NCAA member school within the past fifty years may qualify for physical examination, neurological measurements, and neurocognitive assessments.

–          The agreement also covers academic accommodations for student-athletes with concussions, return-to-play guidelines, educational programs, research, and the plaintiffs’ attorney fees.

Penn State drops pursuit of recruit due to “Social media presence”

–          This morning, via Twitter, Penn State offensive line coach and run game coordinator Herb Hand announced that they stopped the pursuit of a recruit because of his presence on social media.

–          The name of the recruit or what he said was not revealed.

Power conferences could have own set of rules

–          The NCAA is expected to give approval to the five “Power Conferences” (SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC) to gain more autonomy, allowing them more freedom to govern themselves.

–          Under the proposal, the NCAA would allow these schools to pay their athletes “Full cost of attendance.” It would also loosen restrictions against agents and advisers and change recruiting rules to ease contact with recruits.

–          Other schools (University of Denver, Boise State) are critical of the new model, which is to be expected considering they aren’t part of the Big 5.

–          If the board rejects the model, Big 5 commissioners have suggested that they would consider more drastic measures such as completely breaking off from the NCAA.

Maryland offering guaranteed scholarships

–          The University of Maryland will be one of the first institutions to offer lifetime degree guarantees for student-athletes in all sports.

–          Beginning in November 2014-15, the “Maryland Way Guarantee” will provide all incoming student-athletes with a multi-year scholarship guarantee.

–          Even if the student-athlete exhausts his or her eligibility prior to graduating, Maryland will guarantee his or her aid will continue through graduation.

–          Maryland will also guarantee aid if a student-athlete is injured and unable to compete.

–          Maryland will also provide tuition, books, and fees for any student-athlete who leaves the institution in good academic standing and returns to complete his or her degree.

–          Other schools have offered this guarantee to “revenue sports” (Football, men’s and women’s basketball), but Maryland is the first to offer it to all sports.

Judge rule in Ed O’Bannon case

–          On August 8th, a federal judge ruled against the NCAA in the Ed O’Bannon antitrust lawsuit.

–          O’Bannon’s side offered three solutions

o   Raise the limit on grant-in-aid for stipends funded by licensing revenue

o   Create a trust fund where schools could deposit a share of licensing revenue to be paid to student-athletes after they leave or graduate school

o   Allow student-athletes to be compensated for third-party endorsements

–          The judge ruled for O’Bannon on the first two, but not on the third.

–          The ruling now allows stipends to cover “Full cost of attendance”

–          It also allows the trust fund, as long as the compensation is limited (capped at $5,000) and distributed evenly amongst the team members

–          Offers of these benefits can be made beginning August 1, 2015, but lawyers of the NCAA and O’Bannon want the benefits to be allowed beginning in the 2016-17 school year for new and returning student-athletes (That can be found HERE).

SMU announces partnership with Unequal Technologies

–          SMU announced a partnership on August 26th with Unequal Technologies, the leading provider of customized, concealed sports protection.

–          SMU will be the first NCAA Division I football program to partner with Unequal for team-wide protective gear.

–          The SMU football helmet will be outfitted with the Unequal Gyro, a helmet liner that uses Kevlar.

–          With the use of these helmets, they predict a significantly lower risk of concussions.

–          In addition to the helmets, the SMU football players will also have access to body protection gear including Unequal designed tops, girdles, and custom shoulder, hip, thigh, knee, and rib padding.

–          Unequal is the company responsible for outfitting Tony Romo with protection following a rib fracture.

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