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Inside NCSA: Mary Pat Chmiel-Dvorak

From “Inside NCSA” this month, we bring you Mary Pat Chmiel-Dvorak. Today marks Mary Pat’s 8 Year Anniversary as our Founder and CEO Chris Krause’s Executive Assistant.  MP has been an NCSA teammate since our very first years as a company.  Also our Director of Culture, juggler-extraordinaire, and life of every party – NCSA would not be the same without MP.

10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT MARY PAT DVORAK, Director of Culture / Exec. Asst. to the CEO

  1. I love hip hop/rap music, and have been known to bust a rhyme or two… opera-style. My rapper name would be MPizzle.
  2. I studied and lived in Rome, Italy my sophomore year of college- Ciao, baby!
  3. I have a background in gemstones & diamonds – holler at your girl if you need a jeweler recommendation 😉
  4. I met my husband Matt playing on a recreational softball league here in Chicago.
  5. My dog, Gigi, is a 24 lb. mini Golden Doodle — she might be small, but don’t let her size fool you – she’s a DIVA and runs the show!
  6. I am an avid golfer – fore!
  7. I went to Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN but do not root for the Irish. I’m actually a huge University of Michigan fan! GO BLUE!
  8. I have two younger sisters – Lauraand Clare… they are my best friends.
  9. In another life I might have been a race car driver … I tend to get some pretty bad road rage, just ask Stef Wolff.
  10. Since I was 15 yrs old, I have always held a job, which is something I’m really proud of- I’ve been at NCSA for 8 yrs this month which is also something I feel very proud of and fortunate to work with all of you!
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