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Brotherly Love Trumps Love of the Game


Let’s face it, there are some pretty dis-heartening headlines in the world of pro sports right now. Sometimes the men and women we so desperately want to look up to and emulate simply don’t live up to the job.

Cut to Ma’ake Kemoeau, who retired as a Baltimore Raven when he learned his brother Chris, also a professional football player, needed a kidney transplant and he was the prime candidate to donate.

Ma’ake didn’t hesitate to step-up-to-the-plate for Chris. He had watched his brother fight through the pain of his failing kidney and he was ready to do anything – including retire from a life of fortune and fame as a professional athlete – to be there for him.

After more than a year of preparation, including various nutrition and weight loss regimes for both brothers, the transplant took place just a few weeks ago and Ma’ake and Chris are both doing well. In the midst of hearing about all the bad guys in the NFL, it’s nice to dwell on a couple GREAT ones. 

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Aaron Sorenson