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Monday Sports Inspiration


(Flickr: U.S. Navy)

Mondays are never easy. They just aren’t. Whether you’re coming off a weekend of sports, travel, relaxing at home, hanging with friends, Monday means coming back to reality. The reality of school, reality of work, reality of grueling early-week practices and late-night cram sessions.

Instead of letting Monday, or any other day-of-the-week blunder you may face get you down, it’s important to be reminded that sometimes you just have to suck it up and persevere. Set a goal, find something to look forward to, and know that the time and work you are putting into school, sports, and relationships is all for a greater good. And when you don’t succeed, or do fall down – you have to get back up. There is no other option. In the words of one of our favorite sports movies, A League of Their Own, “The tough is what makes it great.”

In honor of yet another Monday coming – and eventually going! – take a peek at some inspiring people who were tested, rejected, and let down…and went on to change the world. Someone we would have included? Michael Jordan, who didn’t make his high school varsity team. We can all see how that turned out.

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