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Quarterback Destroys the Competition with Model Sportsmanship

quarterback prepares to throw the ball for opposing team

Now this is just cool.

In a high school football match between two Rankin County, Mississippi rivals, one team’s quarterback switched jerseys–at least figuratively–to help the other team when their only QB was injured. The team was then featured on the “Today” show for their model sportsmanship.

Mason Mathieu had played for the Brandon Bulldogs in the first half of the game, but when the Northwest Rankin Cougars lost their quarterback, he says it was no big deal. “They called me up during halftime and I met the coach. Of course he made a joke: ‘If you do bad for us, I’ll send you back over there,'” Mason told Today.

“When I was over there I guess [the Cougar team] didn’t really know what to think, but I told them you know that I was planning to go down there and we were going to score a couple of times,” he said. “I mean, it’s a football game.”

I mean, it’s a football game.

We’re impressed. And by the looks of it, so is Twitter. Here’s just one of many responses to the story:

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