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How Sports Help Women Executives Succeed in Business

successful business professional holding tennis racket

(Watch out for our team resources director, Tasha Jones’, deadly slice serve.)

You might have seen our recent post about our president and COO, Lisa Strasman, meeting Mo’ne Davis during the espnW conference.

We believe that sports can transform our lives and the entire world. But if you haven’t had our Kool-Aid yet, check out a recent report by EY and espnW. These are just some of our favorite statistics:

  • Over half of women in the C-suite (the highest executive level) played sports at the university level
  • 97 percent of executive-level businesswomen played sports
  • Three-quarters of female executives would look favorably on a candidate with a sports background because of the discipline that sports require

In an interview with Nanette Fondas of Harvard Business Review, Donna De Varona, an Olympic champion and adviser to EY’s Women Athletes Business Network, said:

If you try out for a basketball team but quit in the middle of the first game, or if you choose not to pass the ball to your talented teammate because you don’t like her, or if you are unwilling to spend extra hours to work on a weakness, you aren’t going to get very far. Sports teaches fundamentals for success and that is why both men and women executives like to hire athletes. [Our emphasis]

Check out more of the statistics in this gorgeous infographic, and let us know what you think: How are you transforming your life through sports?

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