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Why A Game Plan Is Paramount to Basketball Recruiting

coach talks about game plan with basketball recruits

This past weekend I spoke for NCSA at a Maximum Exposure basketball event in Tempe, Arizona. Many parents and basketball players listened intently as I shared frank insights on the things they needed to do to have success in recruiting.

Every state is different as far as how many D1, D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College programs they have.

In Arizona there were less than 5 D1 college basketball programs, no D2 or D3’s, a couple of NAIA’s and yet a lot of strong Junior College programs. So, if a kid from Arizona is hoping to play ball in that state, they had better be elite enough to get D1 interest early, or understand that the fine 2 year programs there would be a strong option.

A coach from Mesa Community College who was there told me that they had placed every kid that wanted to go to a higher level after 2 years at Mesa, including kids to Arizona State. With him to help teach at the event was a freshmen women’s basketball player who was about six feet tall and had led her high school team to the state title. One of the things that had kept her from playing at a higher level was not having that killer instinct on the court, a skill she is currently developing at Mesa.

Just like Howard Stevens said: It’s about character.

Every state is high and low on certain levels. It is important to get an evaluation of what levels you realistically project to and then research the programs in your part of the country. Arizona kids are going to have to be open to the southwest, the west and beyond. That’s where NCSA comes in because college coaches use NCSA to find good kids–like the ones who came out to the Maximum Exposure event.

It’s about marketing an athlete’s resume as a person, student and athlete. It’s not enough to just play and go to games and exposure events. Those are important, but you have to have the ability to get information out there. I told them how college coaches love one stop shopping in the sense of a strong online profile where they can click on verified grades, test scores, highlites, how to contact travel and high school coach, and more.

It’s not enough to just play and go to games and exposure events.

That’s why, if you’re thinking of playing in college, you should set up a one-on-one evaluation.

Former sports anchor Charlie Adams writes weekly on recruiting and motivation for NCSA Motivational speaker Charlie Adams was a sports anchor for 23 years in markets such as New Orleans and South Bend, where he saw many families struggle with the recruiting process because of a lack of education on the subject. His son was a college athlete, his oldest daughter is a freshman college swimmer, and his youngest daughter is very involved in AAU travel team basketball as a 6th grader. Charlie’s new motivational program in 2014 is ‘More Than a Miracle,’ which explains how the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team was able to stun the Soviets and then take the Gold. For more information you can reach him at or go to


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