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Why We Were Named One of the Top Digital Companies in Chicago

ncsa celebrates being named top digital company

We were just named one of the top digital companies in Chicago by Built in Chicago, a start-up website.

That’s pretty cool.

Built in Chicago looked at more than 2,100 companies–with just under 50,000 employees among them all–and based its rankings on the total number of employees in Chicagoland per company. You might have heard of some of the companies on the list — like Groupon, cars.com, Google, Orbitz.

“We use a variety of traditional and innovative strategies to grow our talent,” Tasha Jones, team resources director of NCSA, said. “And the most important quality we look for in prospective employees is a shared belief in the transformational power of sport. Everything we do at NCSA comes back to helping student-athletes transform their lives and communities.”

Everything we do at NCSA comes back to helping student-athletes transform their lives and communities.

It’s about the team, Mary Pat Chmiel-Dvorak, executive assistant to the president and director of culture, says. “We’re always looking to make it better, and we do so as a team, and with a spirit of collaboration.”

We’re pretty proud of the people we have working here.

You know, quality and quantity; in addition to having a high total number of employees, we’re pretty proud of the 300+ former college and professional athletes and coaches who come in every day to pay it forward by helping the next generation of student-athletes find roster spots, connect with coaches and commit to play their sport at the next level.

Nakware Howard, a graphic designer who has been with NCSA for over a year and a half, says, “NCSA is all about using technology, but it’s about the motivation behind our tech advancements: we’re building connections for student-athletes. We’re creating opportunities for the youth and I think that’s one of the most powerful and important missions of any digital company.”

And for Dan Green, business development lead, the “secret sauce” at NCSA is that we’re always looking to get better. “It’s knowing that we are never satisfied with our product offer,” he says. “Our teams are working tirelessly to expand on our products for our clients. We are always looking to integrate with other great sport-minded tech companies to strengthen what our user sees and experiences.”

And, hey, if any of that sounds like a cool deal for you or your friends? We’re hiring.

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Andy McKernan

Andy McKernan is the content strategist at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. A content marketer with a background in creative writing, Andy brings several years of experience to NCSA.