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Caroline Wozniacki Taught Us How to Mix It Up In NYC This Weekend

You know how we feel about marathons.

So you can imagine how much we love that 24 year-old tennis star and former #1 in the world Caroline Wozniacki completed the NYC Marathon this weekend, and beat her goal time by 3 minutes, which means she has also qualified for Boston. While she said she’s going to hold off on her next marathon for a few years, we love everything about her participation this weekend.

You might be thinking: She’s already a pro athlete and has access to every possible top trainer, gym, workout regimen, or nutritional plan. Why should we love Caroline’s story?

Because she really did it just like any other athlete would have.

Not known for running, but for her skills on the tennis court, Caroline did the marathon because it was on her bucket list. She wanted to test her athleticism and have some fun doing it.

Caroline went to a Halloween party on Friday and the Ranger game on Saturday, and ran the marathon on Sunday. While her time proves she took the race seriously, it also sounds like she didn’t take it too seriously. She admitted to AP, “I’ve done everything you’re not supposed to do before a marathon.”

Caroline crossing the finish line is a good reminder to all athletes: No matter what your sport, take some time to train and compete with a different goal in mind.

What will your new goal be?

This is a chance to freshen up and challenge your body with something new, while still getting a great workout in. If you’re a basketball player, strap on some roller blades with a teammate and chart a course around your neighborhood or school. If you’re a football player, set some goals in the swimming pool this off-season. If you’re a tennis player – maybe follow Wozniacki ‘s footsteps and find a 5k, 10k, or half marathon to train for.

Mix it up and have some fun! And just like the majority of other runners, Wozniacki had her nearest and dearest at the finish line waiting for her. Okay, maybe not JUST like all the other runners…it was her best friend, Serena Williams…

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