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Softball Helps Wounded Warriors Remain Active

We celebrate veterans, active service men and women and their families on Veterans Day.

And, as we love sports so much, we particularly celebrate the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team, veterans who play softball to show that injuries they received during military service don’t affect their strength and athleticism.

A local affiliate of Fox in Indianapolis recently released an amazing video about the team, its founder, David Van Sleet, and its work in softball camps for children who are amputees.

“It’s awesome to hear ‘Play Ball’ and go out there and slap the ball around and dive, catch, throw hit,” Matt Kinsey told Fox.

It’s about overcoming hurdles

When it comes to our own game, whether it’s softball, lacrosse, track, football, swimming, golf, there’s a takeaway here. Coach Sue Enquist, the winningest softball coach, might say it best:

The game doesn’t know how old you are. The game doesn’t know where you live. But the game asks you this: Show up every day. Give a 100% of what you have.

If you’re ready to give 100% of what you have, fill out a profile today.

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