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Breaking Down The Top 5 Myths About Scholarships For Athletes [Infographic]

excerpt from infographic about college scholarship myths

We’ve written before about myths surrounding scholarships for athletes. But it never hurts to get into greater detail about paying for college, especially at this time of year, when some recruits are signing the National Letter of Intent during the early signing period (which starts today).

Some of the statistics in the infographic from ScholarshipExperts below might seem familiar, depending on how long you’ve been following us, but it’s so important to think realistically about what your college education will cost and how the opportunity to play at the next level will add to your happiness at college — and not to your student loan debt.

So what steps should you take?

We don’t want to leave you worrying about paying for college without some tools.

  • Make sure you’re ready to fill out the FAFSA
  • Prior to receiving an award letter from a college, be sure to ask them about their packaging policy. (Is that a new topic for you? Find out more about it in our resource library by logging into a free profile.)
  • Keep your eye open for scholarship opportunities based on your academics or extracurricular activities in addition to your athletics.
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  • This literally leaves out any and all information regarding NAIA or other colleges. Not all colleges compete on NCAA… And NAIA schools also give out athletic scholarships.

  • That’s a great point, Holz. We thought this infographic was interesting and helpful for student-athletes as it is, but there are certainly opportunities it doesn’t explore, both at NAIA and in junior colleges. Thanks for your comment! -Andy