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What College Has The Right Athletics and Academics For You?

williams college ranks first in ncsa 2014 power rankings

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That question, what college has the right athletics and academics for you, is what recruiting all comes down to, isn’t it?

We’ve just released the latest version of a tool that we’re hoping can help you figure it out. Our 12th Annual Collegiate Power Rankings help you evaluate colleges and universities both overall, and within all divisions of NCAA play.

These rankings help you consider both athletics and academics at a school.

We’ve gone through pots of coffee and at least a few jars of midnight oil to compile all the data for the 2014 NCSA Power Rankings. How we rank schools boils down to this:

  • The breadth of the school’s athletic program (based on the Learfield Sports Directors’ Cup)
  • The academic success rates of student-athletes and the student body overall (based on the NCAA’s rankings)
  • The school’s placement in U.S. News & World Reports

At the top of the list this year is Division III Williams College. (Last year’s overall champion, Division I’s Duke, ranks third among Division I schools and seventh overall.)
1901 Williams College football team in pretty sweet turtlenecks

Think these players from Williams’ Class of 1901 football team are impressed with their school?

“There are a lot of ways to compare schools out there,” Chris Krause, our founder and CEO, said. “But this tool really helps student-athletes understand how the schools they’re considering will fit both their academic and athletic goals, and ultimately help them become leaders in their chosen professions.”

And we hope it helps.

You can follow the link above to access the ranks, or click here to talk to our team about how you can rate schools in your recruiting journey.

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