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Are You Training To Your Peak Performance?

athlete measuring his vo2 max


We often talk about athletic training here. If you’ve missed some of our sport-specific or general training drills from professional athletes at Go Pro Workouts, check out our archive of exercises.

But today, while many families are returning home and gearing up to return to school after Thanksgiving (we hope you were able to spend a safe and happy time with your family, by the way), we wanted to give you something to enjoy–whether you’re stuck traveling, or stuck in the couch after an extra helping of turkey leftovers.

First, Huffington Post has a shocking piece about just how few athletic trainers there are in high schools around the U.S. “Seconds make a huge difference” when an athletic emergency arises, head athletic trainer and clinical instructor Andy Smith told HuffPo. “It shouldn’t take a catastrophic event to begin preparedness.”

On the flip side of athletic training, researchers in Texas might bring the same technique they use to help wounded warriors to athletic training, ESPN reports.

Have you ever noticed how bodybuilders in old pictures look funny? Like, kind of flabby? It might actually be because professional athletes have a different attitude toward training now, as this article at The New Yorker describes.

Are you getting the most out of your training? You can always check in with one of our national scouts to get an unbiased third-party opinion on where you stand.

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