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9 Recruiting Insights From A Former Big Ten And Professional Athlete

carmen bucci provides insights about recruiting in national speaking tours

Carmen Bucci helps families with the college athletics recruiting process. A former college baseball player at Northwestern University and later a pro with the San Diego Padres, Carmen has helped many young people connect with scholarships, the right programs, and realize their dreams of playing at the next level.

I wanted to know what kind of recruiting insights for parents this former Big 10 and professional athlete had to share, so I asked Carmen directly. And he told me these following gems–many hard-hitting–that he uses to help families prepare for their recruiting journey.

1. You can only do this once.

2. Some people plan more for their vacations than they do for one of the most important decisions in their kids’ lives. Don’t let yourself be one of them.

3. This is like getting a job. Market yourself and then interview for the job.

4. This should be more about connecting with the right coaches / more precise recruiting. Everything nowadays is connection (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). You can get exposure to 100 schools, but what if they are the wrong ones? You just wasted time and missed out on opportunities that were there for you at the right schools.

5. Think about the numbers. There are 1,606 college baseball program. Say they recruit 5-7 guys a year. That is 8,000-11,000 kids. That is it, out of the whole nation! There are over 150,000 kids playing baseball in each High School grad year.

6. Every day that goes by is a day you cannot get back. When you wake up tomorrow, coaches are still recruiting, and either you or your competition will be talking with coaches or at least taking steps in the recruiting process.

7. The college coach will be one of the most influential adults in your lives. And you do not want to take that lightly. It takes time to research schools, learn what it takes to get in, to play at the school, to interview coaches. It’s not something you want to do last minute.

8. You will never be the only one they are recruiting at your position or in your event. So you need to be prepared to sell them on the idea of you. Why should they recruit you? Build relationships with the coach. Get them to know more about you as a person. What are the intangibles that make you the best for their roster?

9. Ask yourself, right now: “How happy are you in recruiting? On a scale of 1-10, where are you?” It’s ok if you do not know. But once you’ve spoken through the recruiting process with a scout, let’s revisit the question.

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Former sports anchor Charlie Adams writes weekly on recruiting and motivation for NCSA Motivational speaker Charlie Adams was a sports anchor for 23 years in markets such as New Orleans and South Bend, where he saw many families struggle with the recruiting process because of a lack of education on the subject. His son was a college athlete, his oldest daughter is a freshman college swimmer, and his youngest daughter is very involved in AAU travel team basketball as a 6th grader. Charlie’s new motivational program in 2014 is ‘More Than a Miracle,’ which explains how the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team was able to stun the Soviets and then take the Gold. For more information you can reach him at or go to

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