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2 Drills That Will Make You Faster

two sprinters compete in the hurdles

If you’re unhappy with your 100 meter dash (or your 55, if you’re running indoor this season!), running the race over and over won’t cut it. To get faster before the end of indoor and the beginning of the spring track season, you need to train smarter now with drills that will make you faster. Add these two agility-based exercises from Go Pro Workouts and watch as your performance reaches new heights.

Ladder Hop Scotch 2 Feet

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Enter the ladder by hopping into the first square with both feet. Then jump out of the square with one foot landing to each side of the ladder. Next, jump into the second square landing on both feet. Continue the same movement throughout the ladder. Repeat.

Perform three sets of ten to twelve reps.

Pro Agility Cones 5-10-5 | GPW Track Training

Set up three cones in a horizontal line five yards apart from each other. Start at cone one (the middle cone). Sprint to the right to cone two and touch it. Then sprint all the way across to cone three, touch it, and then finish by sprinting back to cone one. Repeat.

Perform two-three sets of eight to ten reps.

That’s just to start.

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