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13 Best Holiday Tunes To Workout To And Actually Enjoy

woman running on a winter track with holiday mix

I actually love winter. I’m sure my basketball players, skiiers, swimmers and others are right there with me when I say it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And while for the past month it’s been hard to escape the ringing of holiday cheer through department stores, supermarkets, radio stations and restaurants, there’s something about holiday classics on the airwaves that really does make for a merrier season.

But what about those of us who are — dare I say it — sick of the classics? (Gasp.) What if I want to go on a winter workout and stay in the holiday spirit? Or host a party, drive to my friends or family’s house? So the NCSA team and I have been scouring for some hits — and spins on old classics — to keep us holiday-happy, not holiday-crazy.

So far, our favorite list by far has come from MTV. They actually do still play music! We were pleasantly surprised to find that between reality shows and 90s reruns (which, don’t get me wrong, we also love), they still have a hand in the music scene.

Give yourself and your buds (ear buds and friend buds) a gift this season with the 13 best holiday tunes to workout to. And if we catch you wearing reindeer antlers on the treadmill, well — we won’t tell anyone.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that we’re just about halfway through Hanukkah! Check out the lessons about recruiting we can learn from 8 Crazy Nights, and don’t forget to keep checking back for all of the holiday classics in our 25 Days of Recruiting.

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