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Watch This Typical Day For A College Softball Player [Video]

college softball player practices hitting during a day in her life

When it comes down to choosing a school to pursue your degree, what do you base your decision on?

Hopefully you have a chance to visit, whether officially or unofficially, to get a feel for the campus and how your teammates go about their day. But if there’s a school you can’t feasibly travel to, or if you’re an underclassman still compiling your list of top schools, many athletic departments — and your potential future teammates themselves — are creating YouTube videos that show what a typical day looks like. From morning workouts to classes and internships to afternoon weight lifting and studying for upcoming exams, these videos capture the full range of daily life.

And even if you have visited the campus, these videos can potentially show a different side of life at your potential school than the carefully designed tour and talking points coaches and students show. We have described before how your contact with colleges should include reaching out to friends and current players on the team to get their opinions. This is just another form of the same.

A Typical Day For a College Softball Player

There are 300+ former student-athletes who are part of our team, as well, who can tell you how they were able to balance school, practice and internships. And it’s easy to ask them.

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