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What College Coaches Want To See In Baseball Recruits

carmen bucci provides insights about recruiting in national speaking tours

The following is a post by Carmen Bucci, national scouting director for NCSA Athletic Recruiting and former infielder for Northwestern University and the San Diego Padres.

I just completed the 2014 baseball speaking season with a final talk to parents and student-athletes for Area Code Baseball, at the Major League Baseball Youth Academy in Compton, CA. It is always great to watch some of the country’s best baseball players showcase their talents.

This season included stops in Aberdeen, Dallas, Houston, Santa Barbara, Long Beach, Kenosha, and Compton. Along with speaking to the parents and athletes, I was fortunate to be able to speak with college coaches at some of the top baseball programs from Division I, II, III, the NAIA and Junior College.

There was a common theme when it came to what college coaches want to see in baseball recruits.

It is something that relates to any athlete in any sport, any business, and quite frankly life in general. There’s more to recruiting than just your stats. Coaches said, repeatedly, that they wanted a kid that played with a chip on their shoulder, a competitive spirit, and showed leadership. None of these have anything to do with your physical abilities.

They wanted a kid that played with a chip on their shoulder, a competitive spirit, and showed leadership.

While technology has changed the landscape of HOW student-athletes get recruited, it hasn’t changed WHY. Coaches want athletes that want to win and play that way every inning, quarter, play, etc. Doesn’t mean you that have to act angry or that you have to show a ton of emotion on the field. Sometimes that comes across as fake.

But it does mean that you need to play with heart. Hustle on every play. Pick your teammates up even if you just struck out. Be a leader on the field. The team’s results are more important than your own.

No matter what sport you compete in, there will be a lot of success and failure. But can you play big when the situation makes you feel small? You do that by staying focused and present in the moment. The last play is over and the next one hasn’t happened yet. Control what you can control– your attitude.

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