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Tips For Recruiting Athletes: The 25 Days of Recruiting

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We’ve gone through all of the days of our 25 Days of Recruiting, and we hope you’ve found some of our 25 tips for recruiting athletes helpful.

If you’ve missed any days, you can always check out our extensive strategies, charts and checklists to print out to help you get recruited by clicking through the link above.

Me? I especially liked the tips about how to carry yourself when you’re talking to coaches in the entry for A Charlie Brown Christmas, like how important it is to have a purpose in mind when you call:

Are you calling to follow up from a coach email or letter? Are you calling to find out where you are on the coach’s recruiting list? Have a set objective before you pick up the phone so that you have a meaningful conversation with that coach.

No one wants to be like the sad little tree Charlie Brown picks out. Being prepared will turn us all into tall, beautiful spruces.

Ok, so it’s not a perfect metaphor.

But it is important to be prepared, whether it’s for speaking to coaches or to do your best for your sport. That’s one of the major takeaways we have from Frozen. Elsa never practiced restraining her powers, and eventually she lost control of them.

As an athlete, you can’t afford to do your preparation just before the season. The best student athletes don’t treat their off season as time off. Coaches look for kids that spend their time wisely by continually trying to improve themselves. Just because your sport isn’t practicing or competing, doesn’t mean you can’t be working to improve yourself both athletically and academically.

Whether you’re traveling or staying home over the next couple days, definitely take the time to learn from the insights our former college and professional athletes shared in the 25 Days of Recruiting — your recruiting journey will be all the better for it.

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