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The Tool That Simplifies Finding Athletic Scholarships By Sport and State

search for athletic scholarships by sport and by state with an interactive map

With National Signing Day just under a month away,  speculative prediction posts are already starting to take off.

We’re gearing up for celebrating all of our students’ successes, too. Stay on the lookout–especially if you’re committing this year.

But taking a step back, if you’re just starting out on your journey to playing in college, talking about committing to a specific college can seem like a dream. Like: how are you expected to get from this place where you are, to the place where you’re committing to a college, unless by a jump in dream logic?

One of the ways that we want to help you simplify the recruiting process is by finding athletic scholarships available in your sport. You can easily discover scholarship opportunities by using our interactive map. Just choose a sport, then a state where you might enjoy studying.

For example, I ran track in high school, and I’m from New Hampshire. So I could click on the link for men’s track, and then click on New England states to see what openings there might be per state. (I wanted to stay local to my parents when I went to school.) Just in New Hampshire, 11 coaches have more than 500 roster openings for men’s track athletes.

You could do the same thing for softball scholarship openings, in California, for example (144 coaches; 1,045 roster openings). Or for wrestling scholarships, in Iowa (22 coaches; 390 roster openings).

And if you have any questions about what division of school your athletic performance qualifies you for, we have easy-to-read guidelines per sport on our recruiting platform.

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