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Drills To Improve Speed in Hockey Like The Pros

hilary knight of the u.s. national team practices the deadlft to increase speed in hockey

Your time on the ice is precious. Whether it’s chasing down the puck or racing to challenge an opponent, you’ve got to be fast. And our partners at Go Pro Workouts have captured the same drills to improve speed in hockey that pros like Ryan O’Reilly and Hilary Knight use. Check out some of them below.

Kettle Bell Sumo Squat with Ryan O’Reilly of the Colorado Avalanche

Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and elevated off the ground. Squat down and pick up the kettle bell. Next, stand up tall, pause briefly and then lower to starting position. Repeat.

Perform three sets of ten reps each.

Trap Bar Deadlift with Hilary Knight of the U.S. National Team

Stand in the center of the trap bar and grab both handles. Lower your hips, look forward and keep your chest pointing outward. Begin the movement by driving through the heels and extending your hips and knees to the ceiling. Lift the weight skyward, hold for a second at the top of your movement then lower back to the ground. Repeat.

Perform three sets of ten reps each.

Bonus: O’Reilly Off-season training

As I was preparing this, I found this documentary. Check it out to see the O’Reilly brothers’ off-season training — including squats and deadlifts like Go Pro Workout’s drills above — and how they push themselves to the limit.

That’s just to start.

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