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Determination: Tips for Softball Recruiting When Facing Adversity

amanda scarborough of the packaged deal discussing her softball recruiting story with ncsa

This is our final segment about the tips for softball recruiting from our video session with the women of The Packaged Deal. You can see Jen and Katie Schroeder discuss how they learned the value of hard work from their father in Part 1, and Morgan Stuart talk about how confidence is the most important skill a softball player can bring to her team in Part 2.

This week Amanda Scarborough, a Texas A&M alumna whose incredible writing and advice we’ve often highlighted in this blog, discusses how to roll with even the biggest punches with determination.

On overcoming adversity

“The next day, we wake up, and it’s a new day. And we get to choose how we’re going to go out and take it on.” Tweet this!

“We were going to make it and play in the national championship game, and I was going to be a part of it, and I just had to move past it — and I did.”

Gah. That line gets me every time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Jen, Katie, Morgan and Amanda’s wisdom as much as we have. All four are on twitter and would love to hear from you @ThePackagedDeal. And remember: if you ever have questions about your own recruiting journey, we’re here to help.

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