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Programs For Students In Need: NCSA Athletic Recruiting Gives Back

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The following is a post by Chris Krause, founder and CEO of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, who regularly contributes to this blog.

We just wrapped up a gigantic month at NCSA. In February, we serviced the most student-athletes in a month in the history of the company.

To say I’m proud of the work our team has put into growing our Athleadership network would be a huge understatement. And while I’m blown away by the number of student-athletes and families we welcomed to our NCSA family in February – whose recruiting journey we now have the privilege of being a part of – there was a particular 15 percent last month that gave me more pride in our people, reassurance in our mission, and gratitude for the ability to give back then ever before.

Athleadership: Our mission is to empower athletes and their peers through the life lessons of sports.

That 15% represents the amount of Athleadership Grant recipients and NSLP-qualifying families we welcomed into our network in February.

The Athleadership Grant program helps financially assist deserving student-athletes find the right school to play their sport through the sponsorship of the NFL Players Association. We offer a variety of options for student-athletes and families with demonstrated need; we’ve never turned anyone away from NCSA Athletic Recruiting.

For me, this is proof that as an NCSA team, we’re living our core values and working in overdrive towards our commitment to them.

I recently had the honor of talking to the Lake Forest College football team and dedicated a big portion of my message to the core values we are committed to and believe in at NCSA.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting Gives Back

One core value in particular – the give back – stands out among the rest, because it’s the foundation and belief I started NCSA on: that no student athlete will ever be turned away from our services for financial reasons. That 15% of families we helped in February is huge for many reasons, but above all else, it tells me that we are fulfilling our commitment to the give back and living our mission of Athleadership by doing everything in our power to make sure no student-athlete falls through the cracks.

There is a lot of excitement and reward that comes along with being a part of the NCSA team, and it comes from within, and starts at home.

To have such strong roadmaps in place for student-athletes that need our services and qualify for help in getting them is what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment as our founder. To learn more about our Athleadership Grant and NSLP qualifications, please contact our office at any time. We’re here for anyone ready to take their recruiting seriously and to get empowered to use sports to change their life.

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