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This March Madness Bracket Ranks Schools In A Way You Wouldn’t Expect

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If your March Madness bracket is anything like mine, the last two days have utterly devastated any chance you had to brag about your predictive powers to your friends. Guess I’m no Zoltar Speaks. (Whom you may remember as the star of Big.)

Fret no more!

Does anyone say that? I got excited about saying it. Fret no more!

No, but seriously.

Since you were so bad at making your picks and it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, why not check out this awesome bracket College Factual made instead? It asks:

What if the National Championship were awarded to the college that performed the best both on the basketball court and in the classroom? The real game to be won is in preparing students for success after college.

Of course the bracket can’t include top schools in other NCAA divisions or the NAIA (which something like our annual Power Rankings does a better job at comparing), but you can still take a look at some of the more famous men’s and women’s basketball programs, and see if the rest of their curriculum holds it up to snuff.

(Note – You can toggle between views for men’s or women’s right above the bracket itself.)

Like many of our recruiting experts say in their webinars, you should rank schools by academic fit first, social fit second, sport third. We may say volleyball is life, or football is in our blood — but if you aren’t happy outside of practice, you won’t be a happy student-athlete.

Once you’re done checking those schools out (and crying about your bracket picks into a sleeve of Thin Mints — it’s ok, we’ve all been there) don’t forget to tell us what your favorite schools are in your profile so we can help you get closer to the dream of playing for one of them someday.

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