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We’re Helping Lacrosse Players with an Inside Lacrosse Partnership


Photo Credit: Robert Pavich

Lacrosse players, rejoice: We’ve recently become the official partners of Inside Lacrosse, the premier media outlet for the sport.

For those of you who aren’t lacrosse players but thought the image looked cool (I thought so, too — we love Robert Pavich’s work), think of Inside Lacrosse as the ESPN of lacrosse. They’re that cool.

This is really exciting.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting will be the official recruiting partner of Inside Lacrosse, which means we’ll have experts at IL events (like the prestigious IL Invititational, IL Regional Invitational and, this year, the first-ever ILWomen Invitational), and recruiting advice online at IL.com, as well as a new department in the pages of Inside Lacrosse Magazine: Behind the Net.

“NCSA brings tremendous familiarity and experience with the college athletics recruiting process,” Terry Foy, the publisher of Inside Lacrosse, says. “Together, we can provide families with the tools they need to navigate an exciting, stressful time in a player’s life.”

Even better is that Stephen Berger, who played for Washington College–where he set the record for most points in a season–before going into Major League Lacrosse for 11 seasons, will be an ambassador for us. So if you make it to an IL event, you’ll not just get to learn about recruiting advice specific for lacrosse players. You’ll get to talk with one of MLL’s top players.

“NCSA Athletic Recruiting and Inside Lacrosse work in complementary spheres,” Izell Reese, our executive vice president, says. “Really, we’ll be helping lacrosse players and their families simplify the recruiting process so they can focus on their schoolwork and their game.”

We put up an official press release, if you like that kind of thing.

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