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What Students Say About NCSA Athletic Recruiting


We get really excited to hear from all of our athletes. Seriously: I know recruiting coaches who give out their numbers to student-athletes, because sometimes it’s easier to shoot a quick text than call into a coach for advice on your official visit or what you can bring to the tennis court during your next match.

We get even more excited when we hear about how happy we can make student-athletes and their parents, like in these posts we were tagged in this week in different social media. Check out some of what students say about NCSA Athletic Recruiting:

We’re here to help.

Like when families find guidance through the recruiting process by talking to one of our scouts or coaches:

Whether it’s online, on the phone, or at camps, combines and tournaments.

Like at the Rivals combines where our Verified ID technology helps student-athletes prove their measurables for college coaches.

Because the goal is to play in college.


“Thank you NCSA for all your guidance and support! I am so pleased with the NCSA services and recruitment assistance that they have provided to our son. It was amazing to see all the interest and opportunites that were available for John. In the end, he was accepted to his first choice Virginia Weselyan College where he is committed to play lacrosse. A special thanks to Coach Jesse Churchward for all his support and advice!” –Lisa Hasenfus Colwell


And to have a great time doing it.

“I strongly recommend using NCSA Athletic Recruiting. It can be one tool of many that you can use to help your child scholarship efforts. It help me get my son several offers from universities and smaller colleges with great programs. Once you learn how to connect with programs, coaches, and meet requirements your chances are greatly increased. My son is currently at Southern Oregon University and played last year on the football team that won the National NAIA division title at Daytona Florida. He was a good player but average, but given the exposure from NCSA gave him the opportunity to go the school and make the team. He only received a small contribute from that school but once he got there we figured it out with ROTC, small school loan and now his school will be payed for. It was hard work, but your child can go to college even though they might be a an average athlete. Sports can my average football player a college degree. Thanks NCSA.” –Mario Alfaro

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