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Beach Trip? This Simple Workout Will Help You Stay In Shape During Vacation

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For many high school student-athletes and their families, spring break season has come.

As a high school student-athlete, I was lucky enough to travel to the beaches of Destin, Florida yearly with my best friend and her family. (I’m actually writing this on the way to a lovely resort in Hawaii. Don’t be too envious.) We would pile in their family car and make the 13-hour drive to the Sunshine State. I am so grateful for those weeks on the beach, and they easily rank in some of my fondest memories from that time in my life.

The point of sharing that little tidbit from my past is that I’m sure many families and student-athletes are gearing up for a beach vacation of their own this time of year. While vacations are obviously a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the company of friends and family, they don’t have to be a time to fall out of your workout regime. There must be ways that you can keep up your motivation for sports even while you’re on vacation, right? Why not let the sandy beaches work in your favor?

These could be fun to do with a brother, sister, parent, friend – or to just get away and be solo. Check out my 30 Minute Beach Bootcamp to stay in shape during vacation.

30 Minute Beach Bootcamp

Start on the beach.

The denser the sand the easier to run on, so closer to the water is generally easier to run on then the fluffy stuff higher up.

Begin with a 10 minute warm-up run.

When on the beach, I like to set my watch for 5 minutes and begin running at a comfortable pace. When the alarm goes off, turn around and start the 5 minutes over again, ending up in the general area you started in. (I mean, you could also just run for ten minutes down the beach. It’s your vacation. You do you.)

At the end of your run, pick a stretch of sand and pace out approximately 40 yards.

This will be your gym for the next 20 minutes. Simply mark the space with a stick or draw a line in the sand.

Let your workout begin.

Do the below exercises using your 40 yard space. You can make them as intense or light as you wish, but I encourage you to not break between each exercise, making it a good 20 minute streaming medley. I’ve talked before about how much I love interval training to stay in shape between seasons.

Skip to My Loo:

Starting from one end, skip to the other and back. Do this 2x.

Simple Sprint:

To your marker and back, 2x.

The Crab:

Sitting on your behind, elevate your entire body, pushing up from your hands and legs. (So you look like a crab – get it!?) Do this feet first there and back, just one time.

The Lunge:

Complete slow and steady lunges to your marker and back. These are tough on the sand, and we’re going to do them for a total of 80 yards, so pace yourself accordingly. There and back, 1x.

Bunny Hops:

Just as the name suggests- to your marker and back, strong, heaving bunny hops. There and back, 2x.

Simple Sprint:

There and back, 2x.

*Depending on your pace and intensity, one round should take you close to 30 minutes (counting your warm-up jog). If you’re not at the 30-minute mark after going through all exercises, repeat starting with another 10-minute jog, or go straight to Step 1. You can always also repeat to simply extend your beach workout.

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