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Does NCSA Really Work For Football Players? Yes. And Then Some.

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Sometimes we hear questions like: “Does NCSA really work?”

Yes. Yes we do. Just last month, over 300,000 student-athlete profiles got viewed by college coaches. That’s a little side plug for those of you who don’t have a profile yet.

But then we also hear questions like: “Don’t you guys only help football players?”

Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Our founder and CEO, Chris Krause, played football — as have (and do!) a number of our teammates — but we help student-athletes, their families and college coaches in 29 different sports.

You might have seen the post we recently made to celebrate our partnership with the premier lacrosse media outlet, Inside Lacrosse.

For this week’s social media round up, we collected shout outs from some different sports to show the depth and complexity our scouts and recruiting coaches bring to their jobs every day.

We do help football players.


But we also help wrestlers.

Kodi Gandeza has officially signed with Midland University as a student wrestler! Thank you for all your help in…

Posted by Stephanie Downey on Monday, April 6, 2015


And swimmers.

Jordan Hendrickson has recently committed to swim at Lewis & Clark college in Portland, Oregon. Go Pioneers!

Posted by Chad Hendrickson on Tuesday, April 7, 2015


And runners (and throwers, and jumpers).


And golfers.


And men’s and women’s basketball players.

It's Official. I've committed to take my talents to Riverland CC in Minnesota to play for the Blue Devils. #BlueDevils #Riverlandcommit #NCSAcommit

A photo posted by Greg Boyd Jr (@g_tothe_b) on


  And many, many more besides.

We’d love to help you, too.

Whether you’re a tennis player or a softball catcher, a hockey goalie or a water polo jockey, there’s a place in the NCSA family for you. Find a school where you can play your sport. We’re here to help.

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Andy McKernan is the content strategist at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. A content marketer with a background in creative writing, Andy brings several years of experience to NCSA.