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Why You Should Know About National Signing Day Even If You’re Not Signing

signing a letter on early signing day

What is National Signing Day – April 15 – without a celebration?

While Signing Day in February can seem like the bigger deal because of all of the talk of football commitments (which, don’t get me wrong, includes amazing stories about football players and their achievements), the regular signing period is an awesome opportunity to celebrate the successes of seniors.

After all, we help athletes and families connect with college coaches in 29 different sports — and all of those swimmers, track stars, tennis players, hockey players and more look forward to the committing to a school just as much as football players.

So we want to help you all celebrate.

We’ll be sharing success stories on Twitter, Instagram and Vine with #ISignedToday, and hope you will as well.

Tell the world #ISignedToday.

And whether you’re signing on Wednesday or not–whether your division requires a letter of commitment, or whether you’re still looking for the right fit for your talents–don’t forget that we want to give you a commemorative pen. For seniors signing, it’s a great way to commemorate your success, and for student-athletes still working toward their dream, it’s a physical reminder of that final goal: finding a school where you can play your sport.

What is National Signing Day for other students?

Not sure what to do if you won’t be signing on April 15? Check out this video from our recruiting coach and Division I tennis alumnus, Brandon Videtich:

Our scouts and recruiting coaches are always here to give you personal recommendations to get you closer to saying #ISignedToday, as well. The best way to get started is by creating a profile so you can find your school.

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