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7 People Who Are Having a Great Week In College Athletic Recruiting


As the regular signing period and football juniors’ Spring Evaluation Period commence, it’s been an exciting time across social media for us. We’ve been tracking literally thousands of students committing to play their sport in college with #ISignedToday on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and we haven’t necessarily been sitting idly, ourselves. (Side note: Remember that if you’d like to announce your dream of competing in your sport in college, whether or not you have a letter of intent to sign right at this moment, we’d love to help.)

Check out some tales of commitment, intellectual rigor and physical acumen in this week of people who are having a great time in college athletic recruiting.

My recruiting coach, Coach B.B. Bates is the best!

Posted by Keiana J.C. Smith on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shout out right back at Keiana! We’re here to help.

Thank you Cecil Martin for taking the time today to speak and offer great words! I can still hear ya! 🙂 Hope you take up my offer to stop in Romeoville to visit the boys before the season!

Posted by Carol Stonis Kopca on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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Get it! It’s your time to win. #mytime2win

Speaking of…here are some ways my teammates were winners this past week.

Keep up the great work, everybody. And, hey, need help getting your work where you want it to be? We’re always here to help.

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