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How These 36 NFL Hopefuls Benefited From A College Football Scholarship

football player lifted into the air by a teammate while vying for a college football scholarship

This year, 36 NCSA Athletic Recruiting alumni in the NFL draft will join other top football recruits in the hope to take their game to the highest level.

That’s pretty awesome. 36 football players!

It’s funny to think that just four years ago these were football players just like you, learning how to talk to college coaches, what coaches’ levels of interest in them might mean, how to get a college football scholarship.

While we help student-athletes find amazing playing opportunities at all levels of the NCAA, NAIA and junior college, we are also proud–and kind of in awe–to see our #NCSAAlumni move from being NCSA Commits to their professional dreams.

Best of luck to all of them in the NFL Draft!

Side note: It’s been forty years since the end of the Vietnam War, on a completely different draft note. Read yourself some Tim O’Brien and then come back here.

No, really. Read a book. Coach Chmiel told us all to.

Of course, not everyone will be drafted.

Just like not everyone can get a Division I college football scholarship. It’s disappointing, but it is a fact of finding the right place to play our sport in college.

What’s amazing about the opportunity to play sports in college is that no matter what you go pro in, what you learn as an athlete will give you invaluable experiences as a professional.

How to manage your time.

I’m not the first to inform you that college athletes have to balance their time. Here’s an insider secret for you: in the professional world, the demands on your time are just as present. How you handle stress, priotize and get all of your work done in college will be perfect skills to highlight in interviews, internships and your future career.

How to work as a teammate.

No one goes it alone. The ways you worked as a team player in college will easily translate to working in teams to accomplish the goals your company has. (Maybe it could help you with the goals our company has–to help the next generation of college athletes. Check out career openings we have.) Seriously every single phone interview you will ever sit for will include the question: Do you prefer to work on a team?

You’ll have a pretty unique answer.

How to be a leader.

If you ever pick up a newspaper or — let me phrase that more precisely — if you ever skim headlines when you’re waiting for your drink at Starbucks, or follow media outlets on Twitter, you know that there’s a lot of tumult in the workplace. It might not seem like the best time to get out of college and strike out on your own as a professional.

But you know what? You’re a pro.

Your time as a college athlete has taught you how to work for a common goal, strategize, priotize, and do all sorts of other words that end in -ize. Energize.

Like the bunny.

So whether you’re in Draft Town, Chicago, or watching at home, or still dreaming about playing in college — you’ve got the makings of a pro. Now go out and prove it.

Want to talk to a national scout about your dream of a college football scholarship? It’s easy to begin.

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Andy McKernan is the content strategist at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. A content marketer with a background in creative writing, Andy brings several years of experience to NCSA.